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I would like to start with the simple introduction, saying it’s really hard to understand that in this techy world, what to documents to hide and what to show.

Meanwhile, after the common usage of PAN, Addhar, Voter Ids, Driving license and the other commonly used documents, people worried because of frauds and crimes that emerged significantly after these introductions.

Questions raised both on online and offline and should be for concern for a common person. Actually, all the instances that happen completely because of the user indirectly.

So before starting off it’s really necessary that must protect yourself to avoid any bad.

Q. Is it possible to hack a bank account with a pan card ?

NO, in a short answer

It is really unfortunate for a person to lose his/her whole life’s income in just minutes. Actually Pan Card which is also known as Permanent Account Number is used to keep track of the individual’s transactions for the income tax office.

And coming back to the answer, in brief, it is recommended to connect the PAN card to all of your existing bank accounts. When creating an account, the bank asks for the main documents such as PAN Card, Addhar Card. In that case, the PAN is only with the bank official.


While internet banking you might find that you need to log in using username and password so the hacker fails to access your account if he has only Pan details.

Next step is to transfer any funds the user needs to provide the transaction password isn’t it.

And if the bank is extra secure it has an OTP system built in to verify your phone number before any transaction.


Even in this method, the hackers need to clone your sim card along with the username and password. And in case of fraud calls, the user himself is giving access to clean off his bank.


Any type of app that you don’t know and trust doesn’t give any of the sensitive details and the pro tip would be to search its reviews before signing in.


In the offline, it is necessary to sign behind and in front of the withdrawal paper to withdraw any certain amount of money as per as it meets the maximum amount withdrawn in a day.

So here also the hacker absolutely fails to do so.

Q. How can the pan card be misused ?

Here, is what you should know and not consider this as easy as it seem, mean it isn’t a debit/credit card but our next priority should be your pan and addhar card.

These document are very crucial and need to be maintained because to avoid it’s misuse.

So there are some ways that your pan might get misused by a unknown or your known persons.

  • Gold sellers often collect others PAN cards to hide their income tax returns
  • People with low credit scores use others pan cards to facilitate their loan process.
  • Websites like Paytm, Razorpay, PayPal requires pan card to verify the transaction, some people use others pan cards to cheat the income tax.

Q. What should I face if my pan is misused ?

Pan misuse can dump you into jail too. Don’t worry that’s only possible only if you do it yourself.

For the misuse of the pan, you may need to visit the income tax office even if you have no hand in it. The officials ask the victim to provide the original documents to verify the ownership.

Even you get free, this could lead you to a new harassment.

Q. Is it safe to share a pan number with consultancy ?

Yes, it’s is compulsory to provide the required documents as per its documentation. There is no need to take tension as there are many other people who are standing behind you to submit the documents as it’s a licensed authority. If anything goes wrong the collecting authority would be responsible.

Q. How can I avoid sharing the PAN number ?

The places where there is an alternative for the pan with voter’s id and driving license use these instead. When there is no option check if you thrust the site and is it really required.

Don’t send your pan for xerox or registration instead try to be present there unless you believe the person responsible.

Recently, I have noticed that amazon sellers pan numbers are printed on the receipt and that might expose them to these fraudsters.

Is this still the same do comment !

Q. Is it ok to share a pan number ?

No, until and unless you know him/her and using the pan for your purpose not him. Actually it’s not recommended that you share this number with any of the people even not with your relatives.

But, some places like a authoritative site like a payment site or an official government site asks for it. Don’t provide this details on any other site that is not related to you.

In the offline, even when you xerox check that, the copies are being made are all provided to you. Often in cybercafes PAN are required so always check that the pan numbers are not being copied anywhere.

Q. Is pan card number confidential ?

No, it’s not a confidential like the debit card pin or number but can be harmful if you share the number unnecessarily. Many people launder black money and use any innocent’s pan number to avoid the officials inquiry of source money.

Q. What is the pan card complaint toll-free number ?

The telephone number is (022) 2499 4200 and the toll-free (investor helpline) number is 1800 222 990. Note, this is a Mumbai contact, visit NSDL and get the other locations.

You can also contact them via email [email protected]

Q. How to report misuse of pan card ?

Previously there was a website, but now the website tells to contact Aayakar Sampark Kendra or call any of this number – 196 1180-1961 or 1800-180-1961

Q. Some of the previous pan card frauds that happened

  • A man earns 84k a year and asked about 134 crore deals by IT – Timesnownews
  • Rs 20 Cr. transactions made under a man’s pan card – Businesstoday
  • A man realizes being a director of 13 farms after investigation – Financialexpress
  • 1 Lakh PAN Cards Misused in gift card fraud – Tribuneindia

And many other examples conclude that PAN Card is also valuable asset for us, it can do harm for us if we lose our PANs out from our hand.

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  1. This PAN and Aadhar are Government Document. Government must bring a very strict law equivalent to murder for misusing others PAN & Aadhar

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