Telangana Grameena Bank missed call balance check

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Telangana Grameena bank is an RRBs which in full is a Regional rural bank, it operates over 21,398 locations. Just like the large commercial banks it to serves almost the same services as an investment, wealth, internet, retail, and corporate banking, etc.

However, if you’re reading this you don’t need any introduction as you already have the account with Telangana Grameen bank. Today’s banks are more concerned with providing their service for the customers without even visiting the branch for little problems.

They have successfully upgraded their systems to notify every customer about their every withdrawal and deposits if they have any of the following connected with their accounts such as email or phone number or both.

But not to mention if you haven’t connected any please do so by at least updating your phone number to your account to keep getting updates. Here, in this article, I will only discuss how to get your account’s balance using a missed call.

A briefly made conclusion by coconutsoftware that when a question was solved i.e what are the most recent branch visit activities that the customers did?

And it’s shocking to see such a result, but 20% consisted of checking the account balance. And I think it’s a waste of time at least in today’s date. Just a missed call can save you time.

Check bank balance using a missed call

Before checking balance please note you make sure of these points such as

  • Register your phone number with the primary bank account
  • Give a missed call only from the registered mobile number only
  • You need to have an existing active sim to make a call

09278031313 – missed call balance check

Now, call this 09278031313 phone number from your registered mobile number and the call might get disconnected after some time, a message with the total balance left in your account will be shown.

telangana grameena bank missed call balance check

Also note that the missed call balance check doesn’t show a mini passbook, but the remaining total balance left exactly.

What can i do if balance is not received ?

Check if your mobile number is linked with your primary account, the account whose balance you want to check.

Even if you don’t receive the balance please visit the bank branch and fill the form.

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