SBI’s problem “cheque book not available on this account” solved !

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SBI can be called as the best, largest and most awarded public sector bank. When it’s about SBI the 400 million customers get affected or benefited. So, the cheque book isn’t something that’s a new service in SBI.

Following this problem, cheque books can be availed for your bank account using SMS or either using offline or online methods.

But if all goes right, there are some of the customers’ face before ordering their first chequebook like one of the problems that I will discuss briefly in this article to fix “CHEQUE BOOK NOT AVAILABLE ON THIS ACCOUNT”.

Why is this problem is eye-catching?

Because of the fact, if you don’t solve this you will be restricted from ordering your cheque-book if it’s requested using SMS or using Online Services. And for this, you need to first convert your non-cheque book facility savings bank into a cheque facility savings account.

Do the offline branch requested chequebooks needs to be converted?

No, nothing extra to be done here, as all the paperwork will be handled by the SBI employees, however, this requires less time to deliver the chequebook to your address than the online method.

How to convert the normal account into a cheque-book account using Yono App?

  1. Login into your Yono app using MPIN and the screen with many banking services options will be provided. Scroll down to Quick Links heading and click the Service Requests option.
yono app dashboard

2. Next click the Account written box under the Emergency box.

yono app service request page

3. Now, click the option Change Account Type.

yono app's service request > change account type

4. If your account is a cheque-book facilitated account an error will be shown as “No Account available” otherwise you will be welcomed to change your account into a cheque facility account, where you can select the account. After selecting the account click the Next option.

yono app's change account type

5. An OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number, enter the OTP and click the Submit button and voila it’s a success if there aren’t any technical issues at the time of the request.

yono app's change account type OTP

How to convert the normal account into a cheque-book account using the form?

There is another option for you to change the account type without having a net-banking account and that’s easy and simple here is the link to the form to download.

However, let’s focus on how to fill this form rather than just giving the link it’s important to fill the correct fields. Please note that the forms include in English and also in Hindi.

  • Fill out the From and phone number of yours
  • Give a tick over any of the two Branch or Chief Manger and write the name below
  • Now tick the box with the following text written as “CONVERTING THE ORDINARY S.B. ACCOUNT TO CHEQUE FACILITY A/C”.
  • Now tick the box with text CHEQUE FACILITY A/C
  • If this request is for the single-user savings account, not for a joint account if it is, then click the opposite options and after 2. tick over I then my then write account number in the blank field. Again tick I then write 2000 in words, tick over my.
  • Please write your place name after the place.
  • Write the current date.
  • Then sign above the Signature word line.

Other mentions:

  1. Give a written application directly by mentioning your account number and the reason for personal use with your name and signature at last.
  2. This can also be activated using the SBI website if there is a net-banking account where the same method goes like the yono but yono is much easier than this.


How to change SBI account to cheque facility account ?

Ans- There are several methods like
1. Using YONO app
2. Using SBI website
3. Using SBI’s form

Does this cheque facility service cost charges ?

Ans- No, this is a free of service and can be availed if the account isn’t eligible for a chequebook.

How to request chequebook without converting into cheque facility account ?

Ans- There is a method like requesting this to your nearest bank with an application letter.

Which account don’t allow chequebook request ?

Ans- The standard or the normal SBI non-cheque facility bank accounts are not mend for cheque facility as they aren’t a transactional bank account.

What is this problem “cheque book not available on this account” ?

Ans- This problem occurs when you try to request chequebook either using SMS or using net-banking services. This happens because of requesting cheque-book from non-cheque facility account. To fix this you need to convert the normal savings account into a cheque-facility account that’s what I have described in this article.

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  2. Thank you for the useful info! When I went to the bank also they did not help this much – SBI worst bank in India 🙁

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