Top 10 lovable best private banks in India: 2020

INTRODUCTION: Here comes, the top 10 list of best private banks in India for 2020

When it comes to best service the top largest private sector banks provides comfort in every term of service from transfer to the withdrawal of money in India only intended for 2020.

Initially, in India, there was a lot more thrust and security in government banks than any private sector banks as believed by people. But with time things changed and people now rely on private banks. There are around 21 private banks in India.

RankTop 10 private banksNo. of BranchesNo. of ATM’sHeadquarter
1.HDFC Bank5,34514,533Mumbai
2.ICICI Bank5,27515,589Mumbai
3.Axis Bank4,05011,801Mumbai
4.CITI Bank35700+Mumbai
5.Bandhan Bank1,009485+Kolkata
6.Kotak Mahindra Bank1,391+2,231Mumbai
7.IDBI Bank1,8923,683Mumbai
8.IndusInd Bank3662,453Mumbai
9.RBL Bank334387Mumbai
10.YES Bank1,000+1,800+Mumbai
Table showing the top 10 best private banks in India

But among 21’s only ten private banks have the potential to be on the top-notch on the industry in India. Please note that this article will be considered on the basis of “Top 10 best private banks in India nominated for 2020″.

Nominated as for as per for their features and service they provide to their user base. So without delaying just proceed to our top list of private banks:-

Detailed info on top private banks in India: 2020

10. YES BANK (Experiance our expertise)

top ranked 5th positioned private sector among banks in india 2019
Yes Bank, 10th best private bank
4 important points or quick recap on the details of yes bank

It is a 20’s bank that really focuses on customer satisfaction and the bank’s utmost security. Yes Bank was founded 16 years ago as of now (2020) i.e 2004.

Yes bank generates its maximum revenue from Syndicated loans and corporate banking.

As of now, I really don’t recommend you to go for Yes bank for its crisis due to bad loans.

Headquarters located at Mumbai, Maharashtra.Over 1,000+ branches and with over 1,800+ ATM’s all across the country.
The bank also deals with several services such as:-

  • Yes Khushi Affordable Home Loan
  • Retail Banking
  • Used car loan
  • YES PREMIA Credit Card
  • Customizable Savings Account
  • And many more services.
Yes bank pros and cons banner
Yes bank ranked 5 th private sector banks full statistics using pie-chartstop in india for 2019
Total graph counting every detail of previous statistics in total.

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YES BANK HAS RECEIVED “India’s Fastest Growing Bank of the Year” AWARD.

9. RBL BANK (Apno Ka Bank)

RBL Bank, 9th best private bank
Top 4 important points of RBL bank using a image

RBL Bank is one of the top 10 commercial banks in India, launched in August 1943. Its Headquarters are located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. RBL is not spread all over the country like the over banks. So be sure to go for this bank before applying for it.

Kolhapur and Sangli are the two main places where RBL bank branches are situated. And only a limited number of official ATM’s about 387 and 334 branches across India. The bank also deals with different services such as:-

  • NRI deposits
  • Digital Savings Account
  • Business loan
  • Agri-Business
  • Investment Services
  • Insurance
  • Open Bank
  • India Startup Club
RBL bank pros and cons charts banner
RBL bank full statistics using pie-chart
Total pie-chart statistics in a graph

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8. INDUSIND BANK (We Care… Dil Se)

IndusInd bank logo
IndusInd, 8th best private bank
4 important points represented as a image for indusind bank

IndusInd Bank is the 9th most popular largest corporate bank in our list launched in 1994, Mumbai. Headquarters situated at Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. If you are a Mumbai citizen, it is better for you to go for this bank as it’s maximum branches and ATM’s are situated in Mumbai.

The IndusInd bank has over and only about 366 branches and 2453 number of ATM’s across all over India. This private bank was reviewed by Forbes and ranked 790 as Global 2000 2020.
The bank also deals with different services such as:-

  • Specialized Account
  • RFC Account
  • Indus Young Saver
  • Young Saver Deposit
  • Loan Against Property
  • Summer Swipe Special
  • Remittances
  • Indus Bill-pay
  • Defense Salary Accounts

And many more services.

Indusind bank pros and cons banner
Indusind bank's full statistics and values of feature and maintenance etc mentioned as pie-charts.
Total values of statistics are represented as a graph with 100 as value.

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7. IDBI BANK (Bank Aisa Dost Jaisa)

Idbi bank logo
IDBI, 7th best private bank
4 most quick points to be seen to know exact details of idbi bank in less than a minute

Maybe you reached this after reading about the two private banks earlier Ah Ha!

Now it’s turned for the IDBI which has a little touch with the Government as well as 51% is acquired by LIC. This bank was founded on 1st July 1964. Headquarters located in IDBI Tower, Cuffe Parade, WTC complex, Colaba, Mumbai, India.

The bank has around 1,892 branches and 3,683 ATMs around India including overseas.
The bank also trades with different services such as:-

  • Investment Banking
  • Royal Bank
  • Power Kidz Account
  • Indian Army Salary Accounts
  • LIC Premium Payment
  • PayMate

And many more services.

Idbi bank pros and cons pie-chart banner
Idbi full statistics of values wrapped within pie-charts to symbolize or represent their current status within bank's market.
Total values of pie-charts are represented in a graph

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6. KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK (Lets make money simple)

Kotak mahindra bank logo
Kotak Mahindra, 6th best private bank
4 most important points on kotak mahindra bank using image

KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK is an RBI-approved Bank.

It was founded in February 2003. Headquarters are located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

It has over 1391+ official Kotak bank branches and 2,231 ATMs across India.
The bank also trades with different services such as:-

  • Retail Institutional Accounts
  • Know your balance
  • Tax saving Fix deposit
  • Gold Loan
  • Atal Pension Yojana
  • Kotak 3 in 1 bank

And many more services.

Kotak mahindra bank pros and cons charts banner
Detailed analytics on the kotak mahindra bank ranks on top private banks in india in 2019
Total analytics in a graph of kotak mahindra bank

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5. BANDHAN BANK (Aapka Bhala,Sabki Bhalai)

Bandhan bank logo
Bandhan, 5th best private bank
4 most important quick information on bandhan bank

It is the youngest bank among all the banks listed as it was founded on 23 August 2015. This bank gained popularity within very less time because of it’s offering that competes with other banks.

The bank’s headquarters are situated on Kolkata, West Bengal. It has over 1009 bank branches and 485+ ATM’s consisting of 13.5 million subscribers.
The bank also trades with different services such as:-

  • MSME Loans
  • Micro-Loans
  • Senior-citizen Fixed deposit
  • NRI Banking
  • Samriddhi Business Loan
bandhan bank pros and cons banner
Full statistics on bandhan bank such as affordability,facilities,net-banking etc.
bandhan bank total statistics in a graph

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4. CITI BANK (The Citi Never Sleeps)

top private banks : CITIBANK(logo) in india 2019
CITI, 4th best private bank
4 points on citibank among top private banks in india 2019

CITI BANK is the only foreign bank that exists in India. This bank provides facilities to its users that none of the banks provide such as from loans to demand drafts, everything can be provided to the subscriber in the home by just tapping the options on the Phone.

These banks are only available in metro cities and the outskirts of its main cities. 35+ branches are available all over India. And a limited number of about 700+ ATM’s are spread over the cities. However, every person cannot gain the bank’s luxurious facility by sitting back home.

As you need to maintain a minimum amount of Rs 2 Lacks for opening a savings account however this may differ during the time of creating an account. You may check on the CITIBANK website. The bank also deals with different services such as:-

  • CitiAlert
  • Citi Mobile
  • Statement on Email
  • Online security
  • Online Credit Card payment through Non-Citibank Account
  • Pay personal loan EMI online
  • Instant IPIN
  • CITI GOLD Benefits
  • CITI rewards

And many more services.

CITIBANK pros and cons banner
Total pie-chart of citibank analytics
CITIBANK with total graph details statistics.

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3. AXIS BANK (Badhti Ka Naam Zindagi)

Axis bank 4th no. ranking private sector among banks in india
Axis, 3rd best private bank

Axis bank is the most advertised and famous banking service for offers and deals they provide to their customers as well as the third-largest bank in India.

Axis bank has many brand collaborations to provide different offers and make users use both the services. Axis bank was founded in 1993 about 27 years from now (2020).

Headquarters located at Mumbai, Maharashtra. It has branches over 4,050 branches and 11,801 ATM’s across the country.

  • Travel insurance
  • Axis-direct Invest Account
  • Transit Card
  • Holiday Loan
  • Axis PAYGO

And many more services.

Axis bank pros and cons banner under the topic top private banks in india 2019
Axis bank pie-chart ranking 4th among private banks in india
Axis bank private sector banks in india

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2. ICICI BANK (Hum Hai na…)

ICICI bank logo
ICICI, 2nd best private bank
4 quick points on icici bank.

ICICI (industrial credit and investment corporation of India) Bank is one of the top 2nd rated and largest bank in India by assets and Market Capitalization. This Bank is as well approved by RBL for banking operations.

This bank introduced online banking solutions in the year 1998. Maybe there are many large allegations on this company, but still, it managed to stand up to achieve “Best Retail Bank in India”.

Headquarters located at Bandra, Mumbai, 15,589 ATM spread over the whole country(India) as well as provides services over 17 countries including India. And 5,275 branches over India.
The bank also deals with different services such as:-

  • Personal Loan
  • Demand Draft facility
  • iwish
  • FD and RD
  • General insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Educational Loan
  • Micro Banking
  • Tax solutions

And many more services.

ICICI bank pros and cons banner
Among the top ,icici banks full pie-chart in india 2019
Graph of icici bank with total graph statistics

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1. HDFC BANK (We understand your world)

HDFC logo for 2019 top private banks in india
HDFC, 1st best private bank
4 must read important quick start for topprivate banks in india for 2019

HDFC (Housing Development Finance Corporation) bank is the largest and trusted among all the private banks in India.

It is the first bank to be approved by RBI to deliver banking service to their customers, as well as their assets, are far better and vast than any other among the best private banks available out there.

They have 5,345 branches and 14,533 of ATM’s spread over 2,787 cities. Want to know HDFC ATM near you Click Here.As well as if you want HDFC bank balance check out this article. The bank also deals with different services such as:-

  • Savings Account
  • Salary Account
  • Current Accounts
  • Pension Accounts
  • Personal Loan
  • Home Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Educational Loan
  • Demat Service
  • Atal Pension Yojana
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Forex Exchange
  • Premium Banking

And many More Services.

Top HDFC(private banks) Pros and cons with different charts to analyse the feature,products and services provided in india for 2019
HDFC Facilities in pie chart with analytics among top private banks in india for 2019
top private banks graph of hdfc in india 2019

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► Advantages of private sector banks:-

Top class service.

Fast operations

Great customer service

► Disadvantages of private sector banks:-

Transaction charge is very high.

Minimum balance requirements are very high.

Loan rates and insurance policies are tricky.


Finally, a detailed understanding of the various best bank from different aspects shows us that Private banks are far more advanced with talented employees to work for you.

They are more reliable, fast and more productive in terms of the services they provide.

Yes, but don’t worry if you are thinking to apply for any of these banks then you can. Obviously, there may be many questions on your mind but will certainly be answered in the FAQ section.

Lastly, if you are a business owner or a busy worker you should definitely go for private banks to use your time efficiently.

  1. What are the top private investment banking firms in Mumbai ?

    AnsKotak Securities Ltd is one of the solutions.

  2. How much top private banks pay to chief compliance officers ?

    Ans: The average salary is 6-14 Lakhs/annum.

  3. What are the top ten banks in India ?

  4. What is bank with average high salary in India ?

    Ans: In terms of salary, CITIBANK has a high average pay salary as they are one among MNCs.

  5. Which private bank is best in India ?

    Ans: As per the 2020 financial awards, SBI along with HDFC being a private won the award consecutively 6th times.

  6. Which private bank is the fastest growing in India ?

    Ans: According to CNBCTV18, HDFC bank is the fastest-growing non-Chinese bank in the world and over the past 5 years, it is reportedly showed growth of 300%.
    And this reason is strong enough, to prove why Bank of china recently bought its shares during this recession.

  7. Is HDFC better or Icici ?

    Ans: It is really difficult to answer based on one condition because both have there owned benefits, before taking up you can check this blog where both are differentiated.

  8. Who is the richest bank in India ?

    Ans: ICICI bank is the richest bank in India as per by total asset size of around Rs.12.50 trillion as of June 30, 2019.

  9. What is the top performing private banks in India ?

    Ans: As of top-performing banks right now based on exponential growth, marketing, subscribers, they are –
    1) HDFC
    2) Bandhan Bank
    3) Axis Bank

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