How to view the address linked with the SBI account ?

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SBI is the largest bank in India, even a small problem is a problem for a large number of customers and that too is not to be ignored. As the bank is progressing it’s getting easier to monitor the balances and the operations which are now can be performed using online, SMS, or ATM services.

Nowadays, the most problems people face that they don’t remember which of the address, PAN, Phone number in general, they had given while creating an account at the branch or anywhere else.

Moreover, here I will only discuss and stick to the point on to view address linked with your SBI account and that’s easy because not only one method but I will discuss 3 methods to check the address linked.

  • To check address using YONO app
  • To check address using SBI’s website
  • To check the address in Passbook

#1 How to check Address in SBI’s YONO App ?

But YONO is only available for the net-banking users and you need to set an mPIN before you log into the App.

  • First, click the three-line made with one by one line, after logging in navigate to the top-left side of the screen as shown in the screenshot below.
  • Now click the profile with your name showing at the top, click the icon.
  • After that, a screen showing Personal Details(Name, DOB, Gender, Marital status) but that’s not the real spot to check but the address can be found under the Contact Details – Email Id, Phone number followed by Address.
process to check address in SBI's YONO app

#2 How to check the address on SBI’s website ?

In this process, the net-banking account is required first, click the profile option that can be seen selecting over the My Accounts & Profile.

check address in sbi step-1

After going into the Profile My Profile option can be found at the top of all the options as shown in the screenshot below. Click the option.

step-2 to check address by clicking My profile option

The following screenshot will be shown exactly as it is where your name, last name, linked address, city, state, ZIP, Country, DOB. Here is the last process to verify your address.

View first,last name and the address etc.

#3 How to check the address on SBI’s Passbook ?

It’s just simple, take out your passbook that is given from the bank and flip to the first page after opening the passbook here, every detail will be mentioned like CIF No, Account No, Customer Name, DOB and followed by your Address that you’ were searching for, the below-scanned photo of SBI’s passbook showing the address with an arrow.

check linked address in SBI's Passbook


How can I check my SBI account address online ?

Ans- It is easy to follow the steps shown as in this article with screenshots or follow the steps below –
1. First, select My accounts and Profile then click Profile
2. Now click on the first option i.e My Profile
3. The next screen will show all the relevant records of yours along with the address linked to the account in the third line.
For a better tutorial read the article with screenshots.

How can I check my SBI linked address in passbook ?

Ans- Just flip the passbook after opening the first page, look for address below the S/D/W/H/o to check the address.

How many ways to check my SBI linked address online ?

Ans- There are two ways to check address linked to your SBI account using online such as –
1. Using YONO App (SBI’s official app requires mPIN to log in)
2. Using SBI’s official net-banking website (Requires net-banking account to log in)

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