5 customer friendly bank that fits you best

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Introduction: Customer Friendly Bank

Banks are something that is so crucial in our life, we even don’t bother the charges but only a friendly relation with us. That’s it !

Let me tell you the first thing this list is about customer relationship which is only provided by the private banks and not by the govt. Because of their vast customer base, which is lightly monetized without huge profits.

Even the govt. officials get tired to handle the request of the customers, that they forget to behave gently and making customers aware of their services. And even they charge less in comparison to these private banks which may be unsuitable for some customers.

On the other side, if we go for private bank their first priority is you.

customer friendly bank

They can’t take the risk to leave their customers, so they train their employees to perform professionally in front of their customers, at the end of the day it’s their business.

Let me just tell you how I will distinguish the banks based upon their friendly customer service.-

  • convenient online banking
  • mobile call wait and solution
  • number of ATM and timings
  • Innovative
  • Fast branch support
customer friendly bank

5. Bandhan Bank

5 customer friendly bank that fits you best BanksForYou

When it comes to Bandhan bank, they started their business from 2015 and now it’s 2020 and it’s almost a miracle for a bank to survive so long.

But nevertheless, Bandhan bank is mainly focused on senior citizens, but are more professional and transparent to be known for in this banking industry.

But an extra suggestion would be if you live in West Bengal definitely go for Bandhan as their support is strong in this state.

From mobile app banking to ATM’s they are in the growing stage. But if you were in the govt. bank and just want to move to a private bank, I would prefer you to go for Bandhan Bank.

Feature Callout

Bandhan Bank offers 8.15% interest on senior citizen fixed deposit.

4. HDFC Bank

5 customer friendly bank that fits you best BanksForYou

I know, you may be thinking HDFC has been the leading star in the banking industry.

But trust me it isn’t no. 1 in the customer friendly section as I analyzed, there are some other players who are much better than HDFC but don’t think it’s like that govt. banks who become irritated when you visit them.

Let me tell you HDFC has been the player in this game, as it had been in this game a long ago from now.

Now, it’s about HDFC it is a top-notch featured bank. If you are planning for maximum features then go for HDFC.

However if you want to know why HDFC is best among the all other private banks, go check out this article.

Feature Callout

HDFC Bank is considered as the best banking company in India for it’s governance.

3. ICICI Bank

5 customer friendly bank that fits you best BanksForYou

With over a large share over the market, ICICI never forgot it’s relation with its customers. And mainly ICICI is being used in the corporate world.

So if you are a business owner or a professional entrepreneur you must go for ICICI because of its flexibility towards businesses.

When it comes to branch management it’s not excellent but praising.

There is nothing to say extra about this but they have a high number of ATMs around India. Which clearly reflect it’s customer friendly behavior.

Feature Callout

ICICI Bank is India’s second most largest bank.


5 customer friendly bank that fits you best BanksForYou

Yes, you are amazed right !

But Don’t worry, some of them might be thinking why this bank is even in here and others it should be in the first position.

Let’s just recap, I am telling you about friendly customer service not being the best foreign bank in India.

So it’s on the second because of its limited number of ATMs of over 700+ present in the country. Which crucially impacts customer service.

CITIBANK had been the banking leader for Home Banking which suggests the bank is a home service with its main operations that can be handled without visiting branch which none of the banking providers offer.

But it totally depends upon the account type you have.

So, it’s branches are less populated for these services and hence you get better service at the branch too.

And even the benefit of having CITI account as it’s an international bank. And if you don’t know the benefits of having an international bank then check out this definition.

Feature Callout

CITIBANK had been awarded with the best Digital bank in 2018

1. Axis Bank

5 customer friendly bank that fits you best BanksForYou

But in terms of quality and full customer satisfaction, I do recommend the Axis bank which is actually the leading bank of India. And Axis is among the most “customer friendly banks“.

They have that potential well trained professional team to satisfy customer needs.

It’s like they have that skill to satisfy clients with the features that are most used without charging an extra buck.

In terms of the branch, they are ready to hear anything you say. Ready to help you instantly with their twitter chat.

And about their website, it’s well managed online.

And have a decent number of ATM’s around the country.

And why not if the bank is so simple to use.

Feature Callout

Axis Bank was awarded with the best cyber secured bank.


If you have come to this section you might be interested to know which bank is suited for me if it’s about customer satisfaction.

If you are in West Bengal or moving from Govt. Bank then go for Bandhan bank.

HDFC bank is suitable for a home loan or maybe if you need all features that a bank provides.

ICICI is best for corporate. And CitiBank is for Home service banking.

Lastly, Axis bank is suitable for every individual, employee, students along with the good service availability of ATMs.

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