How to enable international transaction on union bank of India?

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Yes, it’s possible to enable international transactions by calling the executive of the union bank on this number 1800 22 2244 and mentioning your account presence.

Just by providing the account number.

The caller will check your name and account number and receive the request and it may take up to 7 days from the request.

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How to enable international transaction on union bank of India? BanksForYou


If you are interested to visit a branch, then carry these things along with you such as ATM card, Pass Book and an ID (Driving license, Adhar, Employee id, PAN or any that applies).

Please note that there is no facility on the website or any other sources to enable international transaction in union bank of India other than call or visiting bank.

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Q. Let Get more details about why we need an international card?

International cards are used while purchasing or making an international payment whose payment gateway outside the native country.

Let us take an example of such an example.

Suppose you are purchasing a product (exist outside India) in Aliexpress ( a popular e-commerce shop) and you decide to purchase too, but using your bank but somehow you figure out a problem i.e ” Cant process your transaction ”

Yes, you figured out correct that it’s not an international card.

Q. Why international transactions are not enabled at the time of purchase in union bank of India?

This may be due to some of the reasons I mentioned below:-

  • It may be due to your extra safety for international fraudulent.
  • It can be because they consider this as extra service which every customer is bound to have as many people use domestic payments at every time or if the customer issues it can be provided.
  • Maybe because you bought the card from the bank where they provide their standard card not enabled for it. But it is available for users bought from an online store.

Q. What is an international transaction fee?

Let me tell you that every service and options, as well as your money, operates upon money.

Confused? Let me clarify, means every service you get the bank charges from every side that the bank could and show you that you are on profit from the bank’s interest.

Even many people say that if they deposit millions they would earn some more but actually its an illusion.

Nothing is for free.

But nevertheless, we have to get back into the topic.

That yes bank charges a % or fixed money from your bank to provide you this awesome international transaction.

Q. Is there any charge or fee for an international debit card in Ubi?

Hmm, yes somewhat around 2.5 % per transaction let me give my experience so I bought a product of Rs 191.46 so my Ubi bank charged me around 4.78 rs extra so, the total is 196.94 ~ 197.

And when I checked my Ubi statements I was shocked the bank charged me 118rs and again 118rs consecutively.

When I asked about it, they weren’t confirmed but answered me the first one for having a debit card and the other for international service.

So, I am not too confirmed but I will try and experiment so I can confirm it as soon as possible.

Q. How to calculate international transaction fee in Ubi?

Just say, you are buying an item of Rs200 then the gets Rs205 But How?

Let’s see

international transaction fee

Just take your buying amount 200 (suppose)

Then multiply by 2.5 i.e 200 x 2.5

Then divide by 100 i.e(200 x 2.5)/100

There you go the result is 205

Q. What is the international transaction fee on the Ubi credit card?

It is obvious to ask this question as you asked about the debit card so let me tell you about this…

The union bank of India charges about 250rs for the first year and the fees may exceed if you exceed your spending over 1 lack.

So, it’s not so expensive as compared to what you purchase as a simple user would buy up to 50,000 in general but only a businessman can exceed it as per statistics show that to us.

Q. Is the GST free for international transactions?

Hmm maybe for those who transact less than 1 lack because the GST is applicable at 18% but at least it takes 45Rs.

But however, we don’t get to see the charges directly applied to our transactions.

But wait if you want to get a detailed transaction GST fee please refer to this standard chartered bank website link.

And let me tell you if you are stuck at choosing a bank right now in India then you can refer this to our exclusive article for you.

Q. What is international commercial transaction?

As you might realize yourself from the word ” international commercial transaction ” that its a link between two or more companies to trade.

But there’s much more than it. The international transactions that are initiated are ruled by RBI (India).

So the transactions that are preceded are processed in the mind for business purpose that consists of high amount transactions which come under different tax slab.

Here sometimes, special permission is requested to initiate the payment from the payer to the payee.

Q. Is it possible to initiate international transactions in Google Play?

Yes, but even without international transactions, it is possible to buy any item from google play, google play India is already present.

Q. Why international transaction done without OTP?

It is because Indian banks are bound to obey the rules of RBI but it is not the same case with international banks outside India.

They are not bound to maintain any rules published by RBI.

Let’s see a case like if you are paying for a digital product, you might notice this, you entered the card details and done payment and payment redirects it to the main page without sending any OTP shows “Payment Successful“.

Q. How can international transactions be controlled?

This is the most difficult question that I am facing right now but people ask like you are so curious if there is any formulae or procedure that can be applied:-

But no, you guessed wrong this totally depends upon you…

Let’s understand this into a broader sense

Suppose you bought a 3 star AC as per your budget allows and someone may go for 4 star and the most upto 5 star who can afford.

So this is upto to you.

But I can give some strategies or you can say some advice to prevent your transactions –

  • Check the product in your own country before going for international purchase.
  • Check the difference in price amount as often you get a reasonable price because if you import it, custom duty charges are applied which are almost that can exceed up to 50% charges.
  • If you are dealing with a digital product, make sure you chose a good payment method that charges less.
  • Even with digital products, many banks sometimes provides offer for international transaction, which you can apply to.

Q. How to avoid international transaction fees?

Actually there is no option for you to avoid tax or any charges. You indirectly pay taxes to the government.

The most amazing fact you know, in online transaction everything is legal except money laundering and bitcoin. but atlast you pay taxes.

Q. Which is the most secure debit card brand to shop internationally?

Debit Cards

Let me list the names first:-

  • Visa
  • Mastro
  • MasterCard
  • Rupay

Then lets come into the main topic and the answer is Visa which is the most trusted brand and is verified by 3D secure.

Visa is most renowned internationally so there is no chance of online theft.

So go for Visa.

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