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NKGSB Bank is a small finance bank in India. It started its operations on 26 September 1917. It too has the nkgsb rtgs form which I will discuss here along with the download link.

RTGS in full form is a form of electronic fund transfer and in full is known as a real time gross settlement. And the NEFT in full is national electronic funds transfer. This RTGS type of fund transfer is an old transfer method.

RTGS transfer was started on India March 2004 with 4 branch locations. This process is still available as a service to entice the old aged persons who were used to this service.

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What is the maximum beneficiary adding time ?

However, there is a catch even though this method is slightly fast as far if compared on that old 2004’s. The beneficiary takes around 24 hours to get it added to your account to do a transfer.

Please note: the transfer made can be done either via offline/offline systems. In online, the fund transfer option has the RTGS and NEFT method is built under option and the offline includes a form to be filled which I will link up below.

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What are the RTGS time limits ?

According to RBI, the timings remain as it is suggested by RBI i.e 7 am to 6 pm. And as per the branch visit that is from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m and the previous time is for net-banking and phone banking customers.

As per the RBI, the timings can change and all banks perform the instructions made by RBI so the future timings may differ from bank to bank.

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Prices set on RTGS transfers

In NKGSB Bank’s schedule of service and RBI’s price Inward transactions are free of cost, the prices that are paid to banks are for Outward transactions prices are both for RTGS such as-

Transactions made should be above 1 lakh/ transaction.

  • Above 1 lakh and upto 2 lakh the transfers are free of cost.
  • Over 2 lakh and upto 5 lakh cost Rs 25
  • Above 5 lakh it cost Rs 50/transaction

The above rate charts were for RTGS but the next is for NEFT transactions. Also, these are for Outward transactions.

  • Upto Rs 10,000, Rs 2.50 will be charged.
  • Above Rs 10,000 and upto 1 lakh, Rs 5 is charged.
  • Above Rs 1 lakh to Rs 2 lakh, Rs 15 is charged.
  • Above 2 lakh Rs 25 is charged.

Note all the charges are charged excluding GST. And also the transactions made online to transfer funds using RTGS/NEFT/IMPS methods are free.

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What are the restrictions to be followed to send fund ?

Nothing much other than the minimum amount needs to be transferred that is 1 lakh at a time to process this request. This is only available if the time limit ends after adding the beneficiary.

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Things required for filling up form fields

  • Receiver’s name
  • Receiver’s account number
  • Bank name and branch
  • Receiver’s City
  • Receiver’s state

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How to fill the complete form ?

The details that needs to be filled are for the sender’s if you are sending then these details are of you.

  • Sender’s name
  • Account number of the branch from where the amount to be debited
  • In operation block select ‘self’ mainly and if it’s joint with your partner tick joint
  • Amount in number form in the next field
  • Next is your phone number
  • Write a short remark as RTGS is done here minimum amount to be transferred is 1 lakh

The next details are for the receiver who is receiving the fund as this also needs to be filled accurately but please follow along if you don’t know how to fill.

  • Receivers name
  • Receivers account number needs to written twice for verification
  • Receiver’s bank ifsc code
  • Receivers bank name and branch in words
  • Receivers city and state’s name in words
  • Again write the amount in numbers
  • and in the next field in words

Next, sign the authorized signatory field 3 times as mentioned in the RTGS form.

After this field don’t fill the BRANCH/BANK field

Download the latest 2020 NKGSB Bank’s RTGS/NEFT form


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