How to check the Date of Birth linked with the SBI account ?

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SBI is one of the largest government banks in India and that is what I have said in so many articles but I found a question asked by many customers of this bank i.e to check the Date of Birth.

And this is so necessary for many customers to know because they don’t different birthdays in different accounts of their different banks.

Also, I found some people have a different birth date and different date on birth certificate clearly shows either they’ve increased their birth date or decreased and that’s illegal and a risky practice to go on in life like this.

And to note that sometimes DOB is required to be filled because of verification into the internet-banking section. Sometimes logging into the banking section using a Debit card requires DOB to be entered to forget the password.

There are many endless reasons why people want to check at least once in their life into their bank account linked DOB, reasons are endless.

Now let’s dig deeper into the main cause i.e how to check the SBI bank linked DOB here are the methods in short –

  • Check DOB in SBI’s official net-banking website
  • Check DOB in the SBI YONO app
  • Check DOB in Passbook

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Here it goes in detail –

How to check SBI linked DOB in SBI website ?

After logging into the SBI’s dashboard navigate to Account Summary > My Profile section. Click on the option as shown in the below screenshot.

sbi netbanking dashboard

Now to Enter into the profile section it’s necessary that you first enter the profile password to unlock the profile area options. Lastly click on the Submit button.

sbi netbanking asking for profile password to enter the profile section

Now you can able to access the My profile section where your personal details can be found and among that DOB can be found under the Country title.

Please note your birth year might be hidden with x at the last. So if this doesn’t satisfy your needs do check the next process on the YONO app.

SBI's netbanking shows MY profile where it shows the personal details along with the DOB

How to check the SBI account linked DOB in the YONO app ?

Now in the dashboard look for the triple floating lines in the top left as shown in the below screenshot. Also click on the same to open.

YONO app's dashboard

Click on the profile icon as shown in the screenshot below after the flip opens like this. Also you can click on the name or on the icon as it opens.

YONO app click on profile icon

Now your Personal Details appears on this App’s screen on the MY PROFILE section where your name,DOB in full, gender martial status etc. appears here.

MY PROFILE section of the YONO app showing personal details

How to check DOB in SBI’s passbook ?

Please note that for this you need to have a passbook sometimes NRI’s don’t have passbook so please check with your bank branch or call the customer care for the same.

However, this Date of Birth is only printed on the first page of the book if the account holder is a minor otherwise not.

Check the below picture of the passbook and the region where it’s printed shown with a arrow.

SBI bank's passbook showing the DOB section


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